News: Newsletter April 2018

Newsletter April 2018
6 Apr 2018 - Andym Watkiss (La Isla Presidente)

April 2018

Dear Owners

I have been busy attending lots of meetings on your behalf to try and action the issues that were voted on at the AGM. I have also conducted an inspection of La Isla with STV to explain what repairs or work need carrying out.

Firstly, I would like to inform you of the work that is being carried out on La Isla over the coming weeks. As many of you are aware, the pools have fallen into grave disrepair and were becoming dangerous for pool users. For those owners who have not had the opportunity to visit for a while, we have huge areas in both pools where tiles have come off and algae has formed. The steps are also loose. It has become a serious health & safety issue.

I wanted to make sure that they are repaired properly to a high standard, that will hopefully not require any further reparations for years to come. I have arranged for the pools to be drained and all loose tiles replaced, completely re-grouted and steps made safe. Loose or broken tiles around the pools will also be replaced. They will be done pool by pool. The pool outside Block 10 will be shut for approximately 1 week from 18th April. As soon as this pool is refilled, work will begin on the other pool and again that will take the same amount of time. By doing it this way it means that there is always a pool available for people to use. This wasn’t an easy step by any means and some serious negotiating has been done to get us, what I consider to be a good price. I will be there to oversee the work.

STV have started the mosquito treatment on La Isla. A full explanation of this will be on the website shortly. More succulents are also going to be planted around the lake. This will improve its natural look and help the wild life. Once the pools have been repaired spraying will commence on aphids.

Unfortunately, there has been damage to the picnic tables and benches outside by the cabin in recent weeks. I have asked that these are repaired but it is up to us owners to be vigilant and report anyone that is abusing the area to security. The darts board was also destroyed and will be replaced.

Can I also ask that people remember to pay their community fees on time as this is our major source of income. Hopefully, now that we are paying monthly our ability to pay our expenses for the resort will be easier. Personally, I think that people may find it easier to budget for the smaller amount, particularly when on a fixed income.

I am also having the sign / notice that is on the large rock to the left of security taken down and will be written in both Spanish and English.

The minutes from the Level 3 Presidents meeting held on 28th March 2018 will be on the website as soon as they have been typed up by Admiburgos.


Andy Watkiss

Level 2 President La Isla

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