News: Dangerous Lighting

Dangerous Lighting
24 Apr 2018 - Neil Simpson

Dangerous Lighting

The resort has now discovered that many of the lampposts on the outer ring have become damaged and due to the lack on maintenance they are failing and many already have fallen and others are in a dangerous condition.

The contract of maintaince it seems now was cancel many years ago and this has now resulted in the situation they we have inherited.

Taking into account that the wind storm seems to continue we understand that it is necessary that the Town Hall, through the Fire Brigade, Civil Protection or the City Planning department, urgently asses the affected area to evaluate the risk of falling of further lamp posts and decide the most adequate way to minimize any further accidents that these elements may cause during the rest of the wind storm and future storms.

As a resort we will be assessing the situation and trying to implement a long term affordable plan that will allow the lighting infrastructure to be protected and maintained for the future. But in the short term we will be working with the council to protect the areas of high risk.

Can we please ask all people residing on Condado to try a refrain from using the section of the outer ring road that connects the 2 security gates and follows the route of the the Al Kasar and the Jardines area 13 - 1.

As soon as we have any addition information we will update this message.

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