News: AGM results

AGM results
21 Feb 2019 - J2 President (Bob Whitty)

Following the weekend of AGM meetings we can announce the following:

  • Approximately 600 votes were received in advanced mostly via the website.
  • Additionally in excess of 250 votes were cast by people in attendance at the meetings
  • Votes are being verified and minutes will be published hopefully within the next 2 weeks
  • Voting across the different AGMs was consistent with the results of individual level 2 areas being in accordance with each other
  • Admiburgos were voted overwhelmingly to stay as our administrator, which reflects the great job they are doing.
  • 2 items were not approved by the owners, the use of the drone by Grupo Control and the use of pellet stoves.
  • All areas agreed in principle to the use of CCTV and various options and costings will be brought to next years AGMs

At the Level 1 AGM on Monday 18th February all level 1 voting items were ratified in line with the voting at the AGMs. Alan Burge and Ian Whyte agreed to continue as Level 1 president and Vice President which is great news for the continued development of our resort.

The dates and local times for the 2020 AGMs have been set as follows:

  • Naranjos 2: Friday 14th February at 17:00
  • La Isla: Saturday 15th February at 10:00
  • Jardines 1: Saturday 15th February at 16:00
  • Naranjos 1: Sunday 16th February at 10:00
  • Jardines 2: Sunday 16th February at 16:00

The meetings will be streamed again in both Spanish and English and we hope to further improve the service as we recognise there were issues with the English feed of the Jardines 2 AGM. The current years streams are available for 12 months on the links provided below. - La Isla - N1 - N2 - J1 - J2

We also hope to significantly reduce the length of meetings by moving any information items to be discussed under Any Other Business which should ensure we at least get through the voting items quicker. We will also consider how we can better compile and present the documentation.

The board has decided to set out some strategic goals for the resort covering the next 5 to 10 years and we will share our first draft with you for comment in the coming weeks.

Finally many thanks to everyone for their participation and efforts in bringing everything together and we look forward to representing you over the coming year.

Level1 Board

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