News: March 2019 Painting Update

March 2019 Painting Update
17 Mar 2019 - Naranjos 2 VP (Mark Ambridge)

The painters are almost finished on Jardine 8 and very soon will begin painting on Jardine 10

The painting schedule on the website has been adjusted to reflect this so please log in and check your gardens dates for painting commencement

Owners and tenants are reminded it is there responsibility to clear items of furniture and storage from the immediate area to allow painters access , they will cover items if required but should not me made responsible for moving your items . many plastic and rattan items become fragile in spain over time and the painters should not be responsible for any damage caused to these items when moved

Owners and tenants should also be reminded that cars parked at rear and side of properties need to be moved from the area painting is being carried out to allow access to area for access platform , a reminder 1 month prior to commencement and then again a week before will be sent to the registered owner prior to painting starting . If you know you will not be around during this time it would be advisable to arrange to have your vehicle parked elsewhere or moved the week before

Painting schedule and painting procedure are both available here :

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