News: Events, Activities and Fiestas Committee

Events, Activities and Fiestas Committee
21 Mar 2019 - Admiburgos

The Level 1 Management Board proposed, in its last meeting, the creation of a Committee for activities, fiestas and community events. The idea is that the Committee proposes and organises fiestas, activities and events for the Community, which will not necessarily be financed by the Community, but which could be financed, if necessary, by local businesses, depending on the event, or even solely by owners wishing to take part in the event or activity. The aim of this Committee should not be just to concentrate on holding a single fiesta on a summer weekend, but rather to organise more events and activities, such as barbecues, sports activities etc. If anyone is interested in forming part of this Committee, please send an email to in order to put you in touch with the other interested members.

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