News: Voids

29 Apr 2019 - Naranjos 2 VP (Mark Ambridge)

The works to the ventilation program in the voids as reported at the agm continues

Please find attached the latest report

We need to be concerned with the report findings for J3 blocks 1 and 3 both of which needed to be stopped

The voids under both these blocks which could potentially be the same for many others are not open and contain 48 separate areas to ventilate

The cost per hole for manned access is €1500 meaning to fully cross ventilate the voids under these blocks would cost in excess off €25000 each block , we are therefore looking for other proposals although we could eventually be faced with this cost, potentially a massive financial burden to each garden with costs coming from owners

If we assume that approximately half the gardens could be like this the overall cost to site could be in excess of 3 million euros

Some emergency void access has also been required on 2 blocks in naranjos 5 and 8 both due to potential leaks from owners supply pipes and the drains

Please see attached reports for specific scenarios and also the full list garden by garden if accessible and non accessible voids

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