News: New STV Contract

New STV Contract
22 May 2019 - Neil Simpson

On the 20th of May the updated contract with STV was finally signed. This will allow us to start phase 1 of the water reduction landscaping on the outer road.

It has taken many months of negotiating to reach an agreement that benefits the resort and allows us to plan for the future.

The works should be starting shortly and this will soon improve the aesthetics of the outer road as well as allowing us to vastly reduce our water consumption.

All STV contracts now terminate at the same time and this will allow the resort to be able to negotiate better contracts in the future, and split the different elements of the contract if this would benefit the resort as a whole.

Water is a precious commodity in Murcia and we as a community need to ensure that we not only maintain our ability to obtain water but make best use of the water we purchase and the water we save.

Over the coming years we need to reduce water consumption further. As our financial position continues to strengthen more can be done in common areas to reduce consumption without detracting from the aesthetics.

This major project demonstrates that the community is moving forward and in safeguarding the future of the resort it means that the investments made by owners can also be protected for years to come.

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