News: ​Painting Update (20-06-2019)

​Painting Update (20-06-2019)
20 Jun 2019 - Naranjos 2 VP (Mark Ambridge)

Painting Update

The painters are almost finished on N3 and will soon start their summer break until September, returning during that month and starting on N4.

In late May we issued Alcomvi 10 the painting contractor with an official warning.

The warning was for multiple issues mainly to do with workmanship and non-compliance with health and safety issues.

They returned to N1 and N2 and carried out remedial work as requested and we believed going forward all was well.

Unfortunately, on 8thJune we had to issue a further warning for continued failure to contracted terms and conditions, mainly health and safety issues and failure to store materials and tools in a correct manner.

They have now had a lockable container/stillage delivered to site adjacent to naranjos skips and will store all there equipment away from owner’s property.

They have also finally purchased and are using proper barriers for the working area and following all health and safety protocols as requested.

In their defence they complained about the lack of access to many owners’ properties either by refusal of owner or lack of gated access, but by far their greatest complaint was having to move owner’s furniture and personal items, owners are reminded it is your responsibility to move all your possessions away from the painting areas. The schedule has been on the website for many years and there is no reason to have not helped by doing this

The painters are not paid to remove your items and are wasting many hours per week doing this instead of painting.

Please note the painters should not be responsible for damage to your items if they have to move it themselves, please arrange to do this yourselves prior to commencement or arrange with your keyholder

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