News: Dog Protocols and Actions.

Dog Protocols and Actions.
24 Jun 2019 - Neil Simpson

Dogs Rules & Controls

These can be found on the website
Breaches of rules and protocols
When a dog is in breach of Spanish law the affected owner needs to formally report this to the police by way of a denouncer. The community cannot take action on behalf of owners. Where necessary the administration team will assist.
If a dog is in persistent breach of the laws and regulations, then through the president and the administration, the community can complete the denouncer. For this to happen the community need to provide evidence of the multiple complaints. (minimum of 3)
This should be done by providing the Date and time, location, nature of offence and pictures if possible of the incident as evidence and emailing to

If necessary security should also be informed by calling (0034 618 712 609)


If any resident who is witness to security personnel not complying with the security protocols regarding dogs they should inform administration with the same information as stated above.

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