News: Monday Mood Boost - 8th July 2019

Monday Mood Boost - 8th July 2019
8 Jul 2019 - Mark Needham

It’s been a hot and humid week here with temperatures at times locally in the mid 40’s, must admit we have been getting up early, walking or doing any activities then retreating back into the shade, you can see why we have such efficient shutters on our properties !

A new landmark here this week as a huge construction crane has arrived at the new Penthouses site. I never thought we would see cranes here again, but it’s a positive sign of the economic climate in the region and the desire for others to experience the Condado lifestyle !

With the visitor season ramping up now, it’s really very busy here, the queues in the Spar are back, as are summer opening hours from 9 to 9 for seven days a week. The pools are sparkling and busy with adults and kids enjoying cooling off. We were over in Al Kasar on Saturday night and it was packed, all the outside tables were full of diners at Sofia’s and likewise at The Clover as we sat and watched Los Duques, a great 3 piece rock band who are regular visitors to The Clover over the summer. Puerto De la Cata is now open early evenings now from 7-11 and for the night owls among us, the inside bar stays open much later for cocktails and great music and videos.

Alhama council have installed the temporary tourist office outside the Spar and this is open Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 7.30. Don’t miss visiting Alhama, it’s a super town with great shops, restaurants and friendly locals, no matter how bad your Spanish skills may be, give it a go ! We always head to Alhama on Tuesday for the huge market, a great opportunity to pick the best in fresh fruit and vegetables, currently the peaches, cherries and stone fruit are in season and they are brilliant. If you go early, do stop for breakfast in one of the many bars and cafes, the traditional Murcian breakfast is “Tostada Con Tomate”, grilled bread with tomato pulp, olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, just great with a milky cafe con leche, our favourite breakfast spot is the cafe “Fernando” located next to the town hall, it does the best grilled seeded bread, fabulous with tomato, you can tell how popular it is by the large number of senora’s with their ever present wheeled shopping trolleys, watch out for your ankles as they take no prisoners on market days !

Few photos to finish as usual, we have another fine week in prospect, wishing you all a great week, wherever you are !

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