News: Monday Mood Boost - 15th July 2019

Monday Mood Boost - 15th July 2019
15 Jul 2019 - Mark Needham

Another hot week with temperatures staying in the mid 30s. It’s wonderful that we get such a long and consistent Spanish Summer, but watching the U.K. sporting events of the Grand Prix and Cricket this weekend, behind our drawn shutters, we couldn’t help being just a little envious of a English grey day now and then !

If you do feel the need to escape the heat and need retail therapy, the Espacio Mediterraneo near Cartagena is a well air conditioned shopping centre with a good selection of the usual high street name shops and the always popular Primark for your cheap and cheerful beach clothes. It also has a large international food court upstairs, one of the larger concessions is “ Muerde La Pasta” or literally “Bite the Pasta”, a huge fixed price buffet, only for those who are really hungry !

Saturday evening saw us wander down to Isla Plana to the Friends of Mazarron Animals Charity night market, this is normally a monthly Saturday morningevent, but is held in the summer evenings in a bid to beat the higher temperatures. Sadly the Pensionista social club is still not fully open, but the FMA team did a sterling job in keeping everyone fed and watered with cold drinks and home made savouries and cakes. The big attraction for us was the musical entertainment of the brilliantly named “Don Limon and the Squeezers” featuring Pete and Ton who both play in our Ukulele Sunshine Band, it was a super show of chilled out blues and jazz numbers, a brilliant new band in this area, and as you will see in the pictures, they even had a young Ukulele playing fan. There was a great turnout of all nationalities and it’s a lovely spot to spend some time and to support such a hardworking charity.

When we left around 8.45 pm, it was great to see the Spanish families on the beach and still in the sea with no sign of them packing up to head home. The Isla Plana church had a service underway and it was so busy, many of the congregation were seated outside the church looking in. The locals certainly get the most out of their day here you can see why they eat so late, it’s not uncommon to see queues at the restaurants on the Paseo well past midnight in high season.

On site the resort is jumping, with the bars and restaurants doing a good trade. On new construction watch, the massive crane hasn’t yet moved but a big hole has been excavated, not sure if this is footings or the construction for the pool ?

It’s also good to see the progress made by STV on the resort entrance roads, the dead grass has been replaced by super waves of planting, shingle and wood chip, and on the first roundabout now a large dry stone wall has been constructed intersecting the space beautifully, with more work to come, it already looks very impressive and elevates the journey into and status of our Condado !

A few pictures to finish as usual, and we wish you all a great week !

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