News: Monday Mood Boost - 22nd July 2019

Monday Mood Boost - 22nd July 2019
22 Jul 2019 - Mark Needham

Summer is officially here, and it’s not just the glorious weather, long hot sunny days or the sudden influx of visitors onsite.... no it’s because the much loved/hated (delete as appropriate) bouncy trampolines are back in the Al Kasar !

I forgot to mention last week, that the Saturday Condado market is back ! this arrived as a bit of a surprise and there had been no prior advertising locally, yet suddenly it pitched up last Saturday afternoon on the outer ring road. This Saturday’s market was a grand affair with the arrival of several trucks worth of stock to sell from the Embargo group, whose local warehouse is in the Alhama trading estate. I am sure many of you will have been to this warehouse from where you can buy a wide variety of household goods, electrical items and sometimes a real oddity, a few years ago they were selling motorcycles alongside bottles of Mojitos. This time besides the direct sales there was also a live auction, where those in the know bagged some real bargains, it looked a bit complicated to us !

Following on from last weeks advice on shady trips out of the sun, we can also recommend a trip over to the super Las Velas Cinema in Los Alcazares. This runs English language films twice weekly on Tuesday and Saturday. We nipped over Saturday afternoon to see the Beatles inspired film “Yesterday” (a great film btw !) the cinema ticket office was packed with families as the new “Lion King” was also running. Normally the cinema closes its Saturday shows over the summer, but yesterday the charming owner told us as they had so many good films lined up, they were planning to remain open.

Further signs of economic life on site with the appearance of another “For Sale” sign at the entrance to the resort on the land to the right of the Condado Christmas tree. No further updates on construction watch, with the crane still unmoved and no sign of any blockwork or footings. If you live on the Naranjos backing onto the scrubby land, you will notice when you arrive that this scrub has now been scraped flat, the area opposite the Jardines in the centre of the site has also had the same treatment.

A wander out for us last night over to Al Kasar for dinner, the place was jumping and the trampolines were proving very popular as was the bouncy castle. We had a great meal as always at Big G’s, and I never notice but they even have the logo on the desert wafers, how cool is that. We finished off at Bokao, ashamed to say I indulged in a glass of the new Strawberry baileys (shh..don’t tell anyone), however neither of us thought it was a patch on the original !

A few pictures to finish and as usual we wish you all a great week !

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