News: Council meeting

Council meeting
22 Jul 2019 - Alan Burge

The presidents of Condado de Alhama and administrators (Admiburgos) recently met with the mayoress of Alhama de Murcia and our local councillor to informally discuss ways to improve our working relationship and better provide for the needs of residents at Condado de Alhama.

The talks were productive and a number of agreements in principle were made.

This included the Council having no objection to a pharmacy being provided from a temporary building just outside the main security entrance. Ongoing negotiations regarding permanent bus services and better collaboration regarding local initiatives.

The Council, who are also responsible for the lighting on the outer ring, confirmed that the lighting to the main entrance road leading from the RM23, which had not been working for some time due to a cable theft, was now fully operational.

Over the coming weeks we hope to provide more information as these and other agreements are ratified and put into place.

Photo from Left to right:
Adrián Zittelli (Admiburgos), Antonio Castrillo (Admiburgos), Antonio José Caja (Councillor), Alan Burge (Level1 President), Mariola Guevara (Mayoress), Neil Simpson (Urban Entity President), Mark Ambridge (N2 Vice President), Bob Whitty (J2 President), Andy Watkiss (La Isla President)
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