News: Monday Mood Boost - 12th August 2019

Monday Mood Boost - 12th August 2019
12 Aug 2019 - Mark Needham

Phew has it been warm enough for you this week ?’s been another scorcher here, and it just seems to be getting hotter and hotter. To be honest we haven’t been far from home this week, the heat has kept us local and forced us to shelter at times behind the shutters until the temperatures cool later in the evening !

With the resort probably at its peak occupancy period, we thought it would be good to look back at some older images of our Condado and remember the early days...

We first visited this site in May 2007 and like many off plan buyers, arrived in the back of a sales agents vehicle, we were on a free inspection trip and after a luxurious night staying in Mar Menor we were already suitably softened up to buying into this off plan routine. This was at the time when Polaris was advertising its resorts on TV in the U.K. with Jack Nicklaus, hmmm if Jack was onboard, surely it had to be pukka ?

Having arrived outside the site on a single track road (not the 4 lane highway we now have !) we drove into the construction compound that is now the site of the golf course maintenance area, (the vintage Polaris sign is still here) We visited the on site showroom (now recycled as the golf club building) and looked at the architects modes of the complex. We climbed the stairs and looked out over the mounds of dust and dirt to the sea of cranes and trucks on the horizon, yes, we were told, your apartment will be over there “somewhere” !!

By the end of the viewing trip, we had seen enough and came home and planked down our deposit, it was a hairy few years with the financial crash and global scares but we held our nerve and finally completed on our own place in the sun. Two years later, and we collected the keys from our solicitor over in Los Alcazares and arrived here for the first time as an owner, it was so scary, unlocking the door to a property you had never seen.

The resort has grown so much over the last decade, the Al Kasar that was initially empty apart from the old Polaris Limonar restaurant, is now the heart of the resort and all our thanks must go to those individuals who set up businesses and made them work, we are all in their debt. It wasn’t long after we first visited that we set up this Facebook group, never did we think we would be approaching 3000 members it’s just incredible and sincere thanks to everyone who has joined, liked, contributed, you have made this group the success it has become.

Finally with the fine weather forcing us inside, the Mood Boost Bar AND Kitchen has been open and we bring you two new items. First up is the “Bourbon Boost” (trade mark pending !!) take two shots of Bourbon, one shot of Aperol, top with orange juice, mix in a cocktail shaker with ice until cold, pour into chilled glasses, top with a grating of lemon or lime and it’s done, as a certain breakfast tiger might say “it’s grrreat”

We also wanted to utilise the local vegetables from our Tuesday Alhama market trip but wanted something summery and more importantly cold, step forward our version of the Italian classic “Caponata” using aubergines, shallots, celery, tomatoes, wine vinegar and raisins, you can also add capers but as we didn’t have any, we didn’t !! Easy to make and amazing cold with some grilled chicken or BBQ offerings, give it a go!

That’s it for this week, hope you enjoy the throwback pictures of our Condado paradise, we wish you all a great week !

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