News: Pool Hoist for the disabled

Pool Hoist for the disabled
20 Aug 2019 - J1 President

The resort now has access to a pool hoist and has already been used this summer. This is a welcome addition to the facilities on site and should make it easier for the less mobile people on the resort to enjoy this time here.

The hoist must be booked in advance and at present, this can be done by contacting the administration, but after the summer the Condado Mobility Assist will take over the organisation, booking, instructions and arranging delivery.

We would like to thank the residents and owners of Condado for raising the money to allow this to be achieved. A special thank you must go to Lynn Simpson and the family of Max (the child in the picture) for the extra effort and large amounts they both raised for this to become possible.

Smaller amounts of money will still have to be raised for the maintenance of the hoist and if the need is proven we may need to get a second.

Again Thank you

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