News: Gardening News August 2019

Gardening News August 2019
23 Aug 2019 - Andy Watkiss (La Isla Presidente)

Gardening News

Hedge heights.

Our Aesthetics rules clearly state that hedges must be cut to a specific height. See 4.12 Page 9.

“the height of all hedges must be uniform. They may not be cut lower or allowed to grow higher than that of neighbouring properties. The height set for hedges is between 1.6 to 1.8 metres except ground floor golf facing properties or ground floor La Isla which is lower.”

Over the last few years certain property owners have requested the gardening team to cut their hedges to different heights. As you can appreciate this is not fair to other owners as privacy could be compromised if the hedge is too short, or in the other extreme, if it is too high it could create shaded areas in their garden/patio.

STV have been instructed to follow this rule from now on.

Garden gates.

When the STV team come round to maintain the gardens it is important that they have full access and on many occasions this is not the case because gates are locked.

Because they are locked the hedges and lawns cannot be cut. Owners are then contacting STV/Admiburgos ,when they come back onto Condado to get their lawns and hedges cut. This then takes STV personnel away from the task they should be doing that day which is not an effective use of manpower.

Could you please make alternative arrangements to ensure your gates are unlocked on the days of cutting gardens in your area. Either registered key holders or neighbours unlocking the gates for you. Schedules are posted on the web site every month under gardening section.

We are looking at ways of informing you with a more accurate date on when this type of maintenance is being done. As soon as we have more information on this we will communicate it to you.

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