News: AGM 2020 - old

AGM 2020 - old
28 Jan 2020 - Naranjos 2 VP (Mark Ambridge)
Updated 25-10-2019

The communities of Condado de Alhama will hold its AGM in February 2020 from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th depending on which community you belong to.

The dates and local times for the 2020 AGMs have been set as follows:

  • Naranjos 2: Friday 14th February at 17:00
  • La Isla: Saturday 15th February at 10:00
  • Jardines 1: Saturday 15th February at 16:00
  • Naranjos 1: Sunday 16th February at 10:00
  • Jardines 2: Sunday 16th February at 16:00

If you are an owner and have items or projects you wish to include in the AGMs and these are of joint interest to a number of owners, they should be submitted to your president or the administrators, providing all relevant details & costs, no later than the 30th November 2019.

During December 2019 the AGM will be prepared with the aim of circulating this in early Jan 2020 to allow all owners good time to review the included information.

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