News: Summer 2019

Summer 2019
24 Aug 2019 - Alan Burge

We are now into the last few weeks of the summer holidays at Condado de Alhama. This year we have seen nearly 10k people on the resort in peak times with many enjoying the pools, golf, gardens, shops and bars.

This year the community has provided free kids gym on Mondays and Fridays and also aqua sessions in the pools during the week. A number of other kids clubs and activities are also available at the Condado club and Condado Club gym

There are sports facilities for children at the Condado Club (with free use of the football grounds) and further free to use facilities just outside the main entrance, opposite La Isla in the community park, free and open to all.

The Al Kazar restaurants, bars and businesses continue to be busy in August as well as the Golf club and the Condado Club bars and restaurants. The Clover bar continues to have their popular daily acts and live music. Boaka family bar host their “Jam Session” every Sunday afternoon and the Condado Club continue to host events and hold their very popular Quiz each Sunday from 9pm. There are also events at the Golf Club bar.

And most importantly the local Spar supermarket continues to be open every day this summer from 9am to 9pm (including Sundays) and El Rincon bakery is open the earliest on the Al Kazar at 7am

This year in partnership with Mazzaron & Alhama de Murcia councils, Mazzaron country club, Interbus and Vargas the community has been able to provide bus services to Camposol, Mazzaron and the port, Murcia airport and Alhama de Murcia. All these services continue to be available until the first week of September with daily airport service continuing until at least October 2019. As a community we will review the success of these services when planning future bus services and of course continue to lobby the relevant councils, but indications are that in summer the services were well used.

During this busy summer season the community have engaged additional security staff who have done an excellent job patrolling the pools and gardens 24/7 and providing assistance to residents as required. Should you need to contact security you can continue to call the main security gate on 968328027 (x7027)

Our administrator Admiburgos have also done a fantastic job during the busy summer season, opening longer during the week days and also opening every Saturday to provide any assistance needed to owners.

As can be expected with so many residents and visitors in ‘holiday mode’ we have also had our share of incidents this year too, with groups of children and sometimes adults damaging fences and a few issues in the pools too, although considering the amount of people on site this has been limited and the board will be reviewing what measure it can take to limit disruption next summer in conjunction with the implementation of CCTV systems in the gardens to aid security and recording of offences.

I please ask all owners receiving this message to observe the community rules and remind any visitor or children of them too.

In particular around the pools we remind you:-

  • Not to smoke
  • Not to take inflatables into the pool area or pool under any circumstance as this is disruptive to others as we have NO LIFE GUARDS.
  • Not to take glass into the pool area.
  • Not to jump over the wooden pool fences
  • And respect others in the pool or living next to the pools. The pools open at 9am and close at 11pm. (Before 9am daily they are being dosed and cleaned by STV)

In the gardens we remind you that BALL GAMES are not permitted. If you wish to play football the nearest facilities are in the community park opposite La Isla or the free football courts at the Condado Club (also as a community we have no issue with small children kicking softballs in the gardens).

I hope everyone enjoyed (or is enjoying) Summer 2019 at Condado, and I am sure many will be looking forward to enjoying the upcoming cooler weather and a slightly quieter resort or looking forward to 2020.

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