News: Monday Mood Boost - 26th August 2019

Monday Mood Boost - 26th August 2019
26 Aug 2019 - Mark Needham

It’s the last Monday in August and I was tempted to ask this week, just who went home and took the sun with them, as on Wednesday we awoke here to the very rare sight of rain falling from the sky, fortunately it was only a few hours and the sun was soon back to its usual state !

The weather is definitely cooling down now and the evenings are much cooler (and darker) and for many of us much more enjoyable for it. There does seem to be a decreasing number of holidaymakers onsite, that said the Interbus service yesterday was in great demand with over 20 people waiting to catch the morning service. We had a morning on the beach at Bolnuevo yesterday and it was very busy and beautiful as always !

This weekend has seen the annual Fiesta down at Camposol, this is always a well attended event with great live music and performances. On Friday evening we took our chairs, met some friends and set up in the car park in sector B to enjoy the show, direct from Benidorm, we enjoyed the Bruno Mars experience, a great show with fabulous choreography, interested to hear that when the Bruno Mars finished the show in Camposol at 10.30 pm they were headed back for another midnight performance in Benidorm, oh to be young again !!

Following the early season pictures of the groundwork on the entrance road, thought it would be good to update on progress and how good the initial finished sections look, it’s great to see just how good the swathes of shingle and planting look and the finished roundabout looks great. STV are doing a great job and are moving round the entire perimeter road in due course to replace the grass on all the outer grassed areas.

Finally there are signs of autumn with the fruiting of the olive trees, normally harvested around November time, looks like a great olive harvest this year. Don’t discount an autumn visit to CDA also, everywhere is much quieter and the climate is super, previously we would always come for a week in November and go home with the best tan of the year as the weather wasn’t hot enough to drive you inside.

Few pictures of the week to finish, Happy Bank holiday to all members in the U.K., and don’t panic as it’s only 17 weeks until Christmas !

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