News: Monday Mood Boost - 28th October 2019

Monday Mood Boost - 28th October 2019
28 Oct 2019 - Mark Needham

It’s been an unsettled week, Monday was grey and cold and then Tuesday morning we woke to heavy rain that continued until mid afternoon, fortunately it wasn’t the Gota Fria that had been hinted at, but still not the sort of weather we are used to.

As Tuesday is normally our Alhama market day, we wrapped up well and dug our boots and jeans out of the dark recesses of the wardrobe, sadly the market was empty with very few stalls bothering to brave the soggy weather. It was so gloomy, that on the way back from Alhama we nipped into the Embargo warehouse in the industrial estate and spurred on by the cold weather, picked up a bargain 10 euro sandwich toaster. We haven’t been to Embargo in quite a while and it has improved substantially with far less random furniture and a reasonable selection of home and kitchen items plus a large number of white goods items, it’s always worth a visit as they do have some good bargains occasionally !

The main victim of Tuesdays poor weather was the Viking Cup golf competition, that for the first time ever, had to be cancelled as the course was just too wet play. The after party however still went ahead in the afternoon and it was well received by all who attended. It’s a sign of just how busy our course is currently, that the competition couldn’t be just rearranged for the following day. I understand from golfing friends that La Torre and a few other regional golf courses are still closed following water damage sustained during the Gota Fria, it says a lot for the quality of our course build and the skill of the ground staff that the Alhama signature remains open for business, certainly the past few weeks have seen a never ending selection of golfers passing our terrace.

Thursday saw brighter sky’s, just in time the charity craft fair at the Condado Club, the event went very well with a great selection of stalls and demonstrations and great hospitality from the super team at the Condado Club. The Ukulele Sunshine Band played two sets to an enthusiastic audience. The afternoon raised sufficient funds to allow the purchase of an additional wheelchair to add to the Mobility groups stock, thanks for Patricia and Paula for all their hard work in arranging the afternoon and for running the raffle !

In local news, it was interesting to read that Corvera airport has now reached the figure of one million passengers passing through the terminal since it opened. Although these figures are substantially less San Javier during 2018, it does mean that the AENA the operating company does now finally have to pay fees to the Murcian government. Despite the shortage of flights to previous destinations, this figure is higher than the original traffic predictions given prior to Corvera opening, we can only hope that the airport will continue to grow and become the International hub we were promised !

Saturday saw the last full day of summer with the clocks going back in the early hours of yesterday morning, we sat out as long as possible savouring the last few rays of the evening sun, accompanied by a Aperol or two, as the sun set for the final time. Now that winter is here however we are going to embrace the season, and the first thing out of the cupboard yesterday was the slow cooker and we enjoyed a hearty red wine stew last night !

Several celebrations this week, first up is Halloween, it’s funny that when we first lived here, you hardly saw any Halloween goodies but now they are everywhere and it’s seems second only to Christmas in the amount of merchandise and items you can pick up. Our Halloween gift to you is a picture of a lucky black cat, this particular moggy is called “Wonder” and he is one of our Condado Community cats.

The other celebration is the national holiday in Spain on Friday for “All Saints Day” or as it’s also known “The Day of The Dead” This day is when traditionally when people return to their home towns and villages to lay flowers at the graves of deceased relatives. The most popular flowers for this seems to be gladioli and the huge sprays of the flowers at the florists are a sight to behold. The other frequent sweet treat available at this time of year are “”Huesos De santos” or saints bones these are marzipan, eggs and sugar and despite the ghoulish names are delicious!

Few photos to finish as usual and we wish you all a great week !

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