News: Waste skips (Containers)

Waste skips (Containers)
31 Oct 2019 - Admiburgos

Last week STV removed the 2 skips (waste containers) which have been used by residents for disposing of large bulky waste items. STV took this temporary action due to continued use by building contractors commercial waste and the build-up of waste around the skips rather than depositing inside the skips (containers).

STV are not contracted to provide these skips, but their placement was mutually beneficial to residents and STV. We also note that their placement was on private land not owned by the community.

STV are contracted to remove bulk waste items and this can still be arranged by calling or emailing Admin as usual. In the meantime we will work with STV to establish the possibility of locating skips in a different location that can be monitored more easily.

Local Building contractors have been contacted numerous times about the removal of their own waste. You are reminded of the additional services provided by Alhama de Murcia council for waste (detail in the link below)

Please click the link below for further information about Waste Collection at Condado de Alhama

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