News: Monday Mood Boost - Monday 11th November 2019

Monday Mood Boost - Monday 11th November 2019
11 Nov 2019 - Mark Needham

We have had a much cooler week here and despite periods of sunshine requiring the inevitable shorts and T/Shirts, we have had very cold winds and grey cloudy skies, winter is definitely here, sadly it doesn’t look like we can sneak any more days at the beach this year !

After much excitement locally the Food Co aka “Tesco’s” in the Puerto finally opened to the public on Tuesday morning. The crowds queuing outside would have made you think they were giving things away, early attendees did get a mince pie and a glass of Cava, sadly we missed all the freebies as we didn’t get there until Thursday. It’s a large and very well stocked store with friendly and customer focussed staff, as we walked around, all you could hear was the excited squeals of customers as they discovered another favourite item they had been pining for. I must admit we were similarly struck and enjoyed a leisurely wander round the aisles, Clare was ecstatic to find Battenburg cake as we recently had asked one of our friends to bring some over in their suitcase. I was delighted to find jars of Hollandaise and bread mixes and a great selection of Christmas party food. The prices for many items were reasonable and it looks like this store will be a very welcome addition to many people’s weekly shopping runs !

Wednesday and an evening trip for us with friends down to what we consider to be the best bar in Camposol, “Vista Bar” up on Sector A, great atmosphere, staff and menu and on Wednesday one of the finest musicians in the area was playing. I am sure I have mentioned Dougie Munro previously, a young guy with an incredible talent and ability with multiple instruments and just an all round showman. We had everything, bagpipes, electric Guitar, Flute, Mandolin, the Irish Bodhran Drum and a brilliant vocal performance. If you ever get the chance to experience his show, don’t miss it, that he is back in Vista on the 4th December, it’s a ticketed event, do contact Vista for details.

We mentioned last week the arrival in Alhama of the annual Tapas Trail, we caught the Condado Tickets bus in on Saturday afternoon. we arrived in the town centre and jumped straight onto the free land train and enjoyed the ride out to the first tapas stop. After trying a great squid croquette Tapa out in Don Jamon, opposite El Pozo, we walked back into town to try a few more, it was a great afternoon and we visited several bars we had never been into before and now would like to go back to, the welcome was warm everywhere we went and the beer cold and the wine excellent. We finished up back in the town hall square for great ice cream at Zojo and then across the square for carrot cake at Fernandos, I have included pictures of those that I remembered to take as on several other occasions I scarfed down the tapa before taking the picture ! The Tapas Trail continues in Alhama until Sunday 17th November.

Finally in local commercial news, very interesting to read in the press that the mighty online retailer Amazon is rumoured to be in discussions to set up a logistics hub adjacent to Corvera airport. It’s not widely known but Amazon already has a sizeable cargo fleet in the US and is already running Boeing 757 cargo aircraft on an East Midlands-Paris-Madrid routing with further flights planned into provincial Spain. I think it would make sense to use an under utilised (and probably cheaper) airport like Corvera for cargo flights. The location and access to the road network makes this a prime location for future development as a distribution hub, Amazon already has seven centres and eleven logistics deposit in Spain employing around 5000 people.

As today is Remembrance Day, a moments’s thought for all those who lost their lives in the Great War, at the end of the day we will remember them.

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