News: PRESIDENT’S REPORT 2020 – LEVEL 1 (Alan Burge)

PRESIDENT’S REPORT 2020 – LEVEL 1  (Alan Burge)
5 Feb 2020 - Alan Burge

I have had the pleasure of being your Level 1 president for 3 years. It has been a time of change as myself and other board members have worked hard to improve our previously poor financial position and improve the contracts with our service providers, which often has not been as easy as you might imagine.

This year we have continued to strengthen the Level 1finances as well as continue the audit of past years. We introduced Grupo Control as our security provider on 1st January 2019 and Admiburgos continue the good work they started when we appointed them as administrator. We have continued to experience intermittent problems with our internet infrastructure and you will be voting on proposals to improve this by introducing fibre to Condado de Alhama and fibre direct to the properties.

This year again, the board of presidents has been amazing. As Level 1 president I often find hours and hours slipping by attending to Condado matters. The members of the board of presidents equally spend many hours each week on Condado matters and replying to owner’s questions or issues, all in their free time. I wish to thank, in particular, Neil Simpson, Ian Whyte, Andy Watkiss, Mark Ambridge & Bob Whitty for their continued commitment. These are board members who are actively involved in the running of the community. They chair committees, provide technical experience, review and manage accounts and budgets & investigate problems.

For me it is imperative that we elect presidents who place the community interests first. This is not always the case and sometimes people try to get involved for their own personal gain so please vote carefully. We all have a financial interest in Condado de Alhama through our properties, so mismanagement of the community will affect us all.

It is imperative we continue to manage our community finances well and collect enough community fees to ensure we have a good well maintained complex. Cutting community fees sounds attractive to us all, but the result would be reduced service, reduced gardening, reduced maintenance and a reduced value of our properties!

On a personal note, I wish to thank my wife Barbara and my daughter Molly for their patience; they are the ones that lose out when I am dealing with Condado matters. I hope to spend more time with my family and it is for this reason that I will not be seeking re-election as Level 1 president this year. If elected as garden president I would still like to be involved with theboard, but it is time for someone else to lead the board and for me to take a backwards step.

Alan Burge

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