News: Caring for the elderly & vulnerable (Buddy system)

Caring for the elderly & vulnerable (Buddy system)
21 Mar 2020 - Alan Burge

A number of meetings have taken place recently to ensure that Condado de Alhama continues to operate during this time of national lock-down in Spain.

The security ops committee agreed it would assist in setting up a buddy system for any elderly or vulnerable residents presently on Condado.

If you are elderly or considered to be vulnerable, it is permitted currently that a single (non-interchangeable) person can provide assistance to you and can stay in touch with you during this period of lock-down.

Please email if you would like to register for this. Stating your appartment number and any contact details you wish to share.

Also if you are willing and able to provide assistance during this lock-down, please also email and register. This is an opportunity for you to get out of the house, but also provide assistance to your fellow residents.

If using facebook you can also message via our facebook page

Note: If you register, you consent to your personal details being provided to another resident on Condado who is willing to assist you. Personal information will include your name, address and contact detail. No medical or other personal details will be shared and you should share this direct with the buddy as required.
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