News: Fiesta Committee Statement

Fiesta Committee Statement
30 Apr 2020 - Jorge Peña


In recent years, after the Fiestas committee lacked financial contribution from the community, the activities carried out have been reduced considerably.

The only activities that are currently carried out are those organized for personal interests, or at a cost to the participants.


Form a team that proposes, organizes and participates in activities throughout the year.


Owners and residents in the community, interested in actively collaborating.

Work to do:

- Propose activities and proposals to organize.

- Advertise activities, encourage participation and collaborate in their implementation.

- Get financial contributions from sponsors, sponsors or collaborators.

- Get support and collaboration from the City Council, Urban Entity and Community.


Establish parties and participatory activities that promote personal relationships in the community.

If you are interested in helping, promoting, organizing or participating in leisure activities in the community, sign up!

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