News: Cable Murcia - Fibre internet roll out (21-05-2020)

Cable Murcia - Fibre internet roll out (21-05-2020)
21 May 2020 - Alan Burge

Work on the new internet fibre installation by Cable Murcia has progressed quicker than planned. As a result, owners may be given the opportunity to have their fibre installed starting next week in certain areas that have been completed ahead of programme.

Whilst I appreciate that there are not significant numbers of residents on site presently, you may wish to have your keyholder assist in opening your property for the installation if you are not on Condado at the moment.

As planned there will still be opportunities in July/August 2020 and December 2020 to have the work completed, as well as bookable appointments in 2021, so the opportunity to have this installed is in ADDITION to the planned installation dates.

Please note:

  1. The installation takes around 0.5 hours.
  2. It is only the physical fibre which will be installed, not the new service
  3. The new fibre modems are currently not in stock but are due to arrive in late June.
  4. Once the new modems arrive, the service will be activated. The activation will be very much quicker and easier in premises where the fibre is already installed
  5. Until the new modem is installed, you will continue to access internet via the existing coax system.
  6. At present a radio link provides internet to Condado. A new fibre link is expected to be completed in the summer, so whilst you may be connected to the new fibre router, you may not experience the full benefits until the new fibre link is connected.
  7. No responsibility will be taken by the community or Cable Murcia for any loss or damage during the installation. Owners need to make arrangements to be present or have a responsible person present during the installation.
  8. Security will monitor the installation process in each garden but not in individual properties
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