News: La Isla May 2020 Newsletter

La Isla May 2020 Newsletter
2 Jun 2020 - Andy Watkiss

Dear Owners

The painting of Block 9 has now been completed and started on Block 8. The painters are now back on schedule after the lockdown. Painting will stop at the end of June and restart at the beginning of September. The schedule is on the website where everything is explained.

The work on the voids in Blocks 1-4 has now started. They should be completed by the end of June.

The planters at the end of each Block have been relined to make them waterproof and longer gargoyles are being installed in each one to stop water running down the outside of each Block. They are being refilled with fresh soil in preparation for planting.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time the work on the hedges along the front of Blocks 7-11 has not been started as STV are having problems sourcing the plants / hedging due to the pandemic crisis. However, as soon as they become available this work will also be started.

I shall be sending a separate email regarding the Community Insurance. Basically, all owners need to be aware that any claim for water leaks now incur a 300 euros excess charge.

A 2nd handy man has started work this week. He is currently receiving induction training. 50% of his time will be auditing gardening and 50% of his time checking painting, condition of pergolas and small buildings works ie tiling.

The work on the Outer Ring is continuing. It is looking really beautiful. I do put the gardening schedule on the website every weekend. It contains lots of good photographs of the work being done. Please do look at it to remind yourself of how lovely the Resort is and how it is becoming even more beautiful.

The planning of the new CCTV cameras is still going ahead the plans for the position of the cameras is being done at this moment in time. Please go to the website for updates on this work.

Cable Murcia are currently on site installing the new fibre optic cables to each area of the Resort. A schedule is being planned for when they are going to install the faster broadband into each apartment. They will need access into the apartments to do this. Obviously, at the moment, this is difficult to arrange as owners cannot travel to be there. Each apartment will also have a new router for this system. I will let you know when I know more information. Please do not worry about this although if you have a keyholder, you might like to prepare by asking if they would be able to allow access for this work. If you cannot do this there will be an opportunity to get it all installed in August, December and next Easter using an appointment system.

There is some news on the Polaris properties. The administrators have now asked for information on the 28 properties on La Isla. This is in preparation for the Judge to make a ruling on releasing the properties for sale. This ruling appears to be being made quite soon.

There appears to be a plague of insects, either fruit flies or mosquitoes on La Isla at this present time. We have increased the schedule for spraying until we can control this issue.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves,

Kind Regards

Andy Watkiss

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