3 Jun 2020 - Admiburgos

We ask for the owners to remember, and remind their guests, about the Internal Rules of the Community, as it is essential that we all respect and comply with these, more than ever, if possible, during the summer period, given the high rates of occupancy. We are placing a special emphasis on those rules which cover the more problematic issues which have arisen in previous years, and we would please ask, that if you have tenants or visitors in your properties, please make sure that they see these so that they are up-to-date and aware of them:

    • The pool rules must be respected (located at the access gates to the pool). *
    • Rubbish bags must be deposited inside the containers provided for this purpose, situated on the main road before entering the garden, and the waste paper bins on the gardens should not be used for this.
    • Wipes and other similar materials should not be flushed down the toilet, as they cause blockages in the properties and the sewage pipes on the urbanisation.
    • Make sure your pets are always on a lead; also, please do not let them use the gardens as a toilet, and if this does happen, please clean up afterwards. Dog owners should prevent their dogs from barking in such a way that disturbs other residents.
    • The fixtures on the Resort must be respected, such as the bollards, the pool fences and the trees, among other things, as these cost the Community a great deal of money to maintain.

* Please take into account that the pool rules could change due to the current state of alarm.

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