News: Security incident onsite

Security incident onsite
7 Jul 2020 - Ian Whyte

Recently our onsite security team were alerted to a resident in distress within the boundary of the golf course, which due to lockdown is currently closed. Prompt action was taken by the roving patrol and guard which saw the individual safely removed from the serious danger that they had found themselves in. This action was a fantastic example of both the professionalism of the guards concerned and also the level of service provided by the security team in general. Their actions prevented a more serious incident from developing.

As such the board of presidents on behalf of the residents and owners have offered a formal letter of thanks to the individuals and Grupo Control management for their handling of the incident.

Subsequent to the incident there are a few general points that the board wish to share urgently with the community in line with our internal rules and protocols and a further review will take place within the security committee to identify any wider actions that are required.

    ·the golf course is on private land and is independent of the community

    ·no one should enter the lakes on the golf course for any reason

    ·dogs should not be exercised on the golf course

    ·across the resort dogs should be kept on the lead at all times

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