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Mazarron Bus
12 Jul 2020 - J1 President

Last year the resort was able to organise a bus in collaboration with the Country Club and initial support from Mazarron council, this bus was meant to be cost neutral to the resort allowing people on Condado to purchase tickets for return trips to the port. The financial support due to a change of party in control of the council was withdrawn an as a result the bus had a small financial impact.

We looked at providing a service this year again with the company Interbus.

Having reviewed the current situation and now not having the support from the Country Club or the Council providing the service has been deemed not cost effective this year. We have also taken into account that with the social distancing rules and the unwillingness of many to travel in confined environments as well as a reduced number of visitors to the resort, the potential cost of this service was far to high a financial risk for the community.

We also have to report that due to the current situation and many of the points mentioned Interbus have now canceled all their Airport Transfer services from Corvera this year. People arriving at Murcia Airport will again have to arrange their own transfers to and from the resort.
We hope that next year that things will return to normal and the provision of the Port and airport buses will resume.
We hope many will still be able too visit Spain this year and enjoy the resort.
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