News: Mandatory use of face masks (13/07/2020)

Mandatory use of face masks (13/07/2020)
13 Jul 2020 - Alan Burge

It is now mandatory to use a face mask in public (even when social distancing) while in the Region of Murcia which includes Condado de Alhama.

Exceptions to this are:-

  • Children under 6
  • People with respiratory problems
  • OUTDOOR sports activities
  • At Swimming pools & beaches
  • Where it is not physically possible (force majeure)
  • During the the consumption of food and drink

The details

1. General obligations for social distancing and use of masks.

1.1 All citizens must adopt the measures needed to avoid the generation of the risk of propagation of COVID-19, as well as their own exposure to these risks, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree Law 21/2020, dated 9th June. This duty of caution and protection is also required of the owners of any facility. These measures will include respect for the norms of respiratory etiquette, and, provided that this is possible, maintenance of the interpersonal safety distance of at least 1.5 metres set out in Royal Decree Law 21/2020, dated 9th June.

1.2 In all cases, in public streets, in open-air spaces and any enclosed space in public use or open to the public, the use of masks will be essential.

1.3 The mask must cover the mouth and nose, going from the chin to the nasal septum, so that the nostrils are not exposed.

1.4 Nevertheless, the use of masks will not be obligatory in the following cases:

- People under six years of age.

- People with any kind of respiratory illness or difficulty which may be aggravated by the use of a mask.

- People who, due to their situation of disability or dependency, do not have the ability to remove a mask.

- People showing changes in behaviour making the use of a mask unfeasible.

- Practising sport in the open air.

- Cases of force majeure or situations of need.

- When, due to the nature of the activities themselves, the use of a mask is incompatible. In particular, the use of a mask will not be obligatory during the consumption of food or drinks or in pools or on beaches, its use nevertheless being recommended when outside of the water.

In cases exempt from the obligation to use a mask, other means of protection or barrier are recommended, especially the use of facial screens.

1.5. The use of any other methods of protection or barrier are advised in addition to the use of masks when the concurrent level of risk makes this necessary.

1.6. In those activities carried out with the participants or customers seated or lying down, this distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between seats, loungers or between tables and groups of tables, an exception being made for people who are related to each other. In any case, appropriate precautionary and protective measures must be observed in order to prevent contagion.

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