22 Jul 2020 - Admiburgos

Apart from the following rules approved at the AGM, the ones set up as a result of the current sanitary situation have to be taken into account, which are specified in the signs installed in each one of the pools

Pool open hours are 09:00 h – 23:00 h, respecting the maintenance works of the pools.

The safety of users of the pool is the responsibility of the individual, Parents/Guardians are responsible for children under 12 in their care.

Given the risks to Persons health and safety, Swimming Pools and adjacent areas are common facilities that require special attention bythe users and the community therefore the following rules apply:

a). All users of the pool MUST use the shower before swimming.

b). Babies must wear swim nappies at all times.

c). Children under 12 years must always be accompanied by an adult.

d). All bathers are obliged to wear appropriate swimwear

e). Swimming Aids are permitted


a). No Topless bathing

b). No Inflatables permitted in July & August

c). No Ball Games in perimeter of the pool.

d). No Animals and pets

e). No Use of glass, glass bottles, and dishes.

f). No Food and Barbeques.

g). No Dangerous games in the Pool.

h). No Smoking.

i). No Excessive noise (Stereo headphones should be used)

j). No Sun beds left overnight

k) No Use of sunshades on grass areas that penetrate the ground

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