News: Fibre Internet - roll out (December 2020)

Fibre Internet - roll out (December 2020)
22 Dec 2020 - Alan Burge

To date over 2,287 properties have had the new fibre network installed, which is a significant number of properties on Condado.

Whilst the installation of the router completes the work in owners’ properties, the final process is to remove our existing wireless infrastructure which has caused a lag in our connection and limits our speed. The new fibre network connection to Condado de Alhama will be completed early next year.

Properties with new routers are benefiting from higher speeds up to 100Mpbs from the existing wireless link, until the fibre is connected early next year which due to Covid, permits to carry out the final connection of the work is delayed until around February 2021.

To request the installation of the new router you should email one of the following email addresses corresponding to your area.

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