News: Fibre Internet - roll out (28-06-2021)

Fibre Internet - roll out (28-06-2021)
28 Jun 2021 - Alan Burge

The majority of users of the internet on Condado have now upgraded to fibre.

Current figures show that 75% (2,519 ) of properties now have the new fibre installed and of this 9% only have just the fibre and still need the modem upgraded.

Between July 15th and August 15th 2021, Cable Murcia will be at Condado de Alhama providing the upgrade of internet, phone and TV to fibre at no charge. From the 15th August 2021 onwards there is an installation fee of 24.20(20+ tax)

In Late August 2021 the old cable internet will be switched off.

To request the installation of the new router you should email one of the following email addresses corresponding to your area.

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