News: Fibre Internet - roll out (July 2020)

Fibre Internet - roll out (July 2020)
30 Jul 2020 - Alan Burge

The installation of the new fibre to properties has progressed well with around just under 50% of all properties installed now (mainly Naranjos and Jardin properties so far)

Installation in La Isla began at the beginning of July

Installation at the Penthouses has also now started

Cable Murcia have agreed to continue with bookable appointment only for July and August due to the quantity of properties installed already.

We are currently testing 1 modem to see how the system is working and identify any problems.

Problem has been encountered with the fibre link to Condado de Alhama due to water damage along the RM23. Originally the fibre cable was to be installed under the road in ducts, which is now not possible. The Fibre will now be installed over the RM23 motorway meaning that the road needs to be closed for this. Installation being completed by Iberdola. Now estimated to be completed by mid-October.

By late August when new modems are installed owners will receive initially 10mbs upload and download, which will be increased from 10 down and 2 up. Cable Murcia will then review what additional speed can be provided before the new fibre connection to site is connected between late August and mid October.

If you have not yet had your fibre installed you should email one of the following email addresses depending on the area you have a property.

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