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Pest Control
30 Jul 2020 - Andy Watkiss

After the last meeting of the gardening committee, please find some information from the community about pest control on Condado de Alhama:

- The majority of pest control is covered in the contract with STV. Cockroaches, rats, grass worms, cochinilla in the hedge, etc are all treated by STV regularly. If there is any incident that has not be dealt with successfully you can contact the administration, to open a case to be resolved by the gardening company

- Mosquitos are treated in the origin, the lake. This is covered by the contract. Also, the Chair of the Gardening Committee and Admiburgos has access to other companies in the case it would be necessary for extraordinary actions in other areas.

- Regarding Flies, the committee is waiting for a second report of how to develop the reduction of them. Unfortunately, the farms and fields around do not help, but the community will do the necessary to reduce them with the resources it has.

Any other question, please contact the administration.

Andy Watkiss

Chair of the Gardening, water and cleaning committee

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