News: PERGOLAS 25-03-2022 (Naranjos Only)

PERGOLAS 25-03-2022 (Naranjos Only)
25 Mar 2022 - Alan Burge


Painting of the pergolas will start in the next few weeks on Penthouse 16 continuing to block 8, and in gardens N7 & N8. This is work that was delayed from 2021.

Properties to be painted are as identified in the AGM 2020 and 2022. However, those owners whose pergolas is not listed, but would wish to join this programme, can do so by sending an email to and you will be informed on how to proceed to be included.

Naranjos gardens 1-6 and Penthouse 1-7 were painted in early 2021. There were around 50 properties with rotten or damaged beams, these have not been painted and are marked with a green dot.

You are reminded that during the maintenance works, a number of beams needed to be replaced. The supplier will mark any beam in poor condition and notify Administration, who will inform the homeowners. Owners will be given a period of 14 days to indicate how and within what period of time they will act on the matter. After this period, if no written response has been received by the Administration, the Community supplier will take care of the replacement and/or repair and the cost of the work will be charged to the homeowner.

Should you have any concerns with the works completed or have any questions please contact admin.

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