26 Oct 2020 - Admiburgos

Due to the current emergency situation caused by Covid-19, the Government of Spain has decreed a State of Alarm. As the most important measure, it has established the limitation of freedom of movement of people at night:

Article 5. Limitation of the freedom of movement of people at night.

1. During the period from 23:00 to 6:00 hours, people can only move around streets and public spaces in order to carry out the following activities:

a) Purchase of medicines, sanitary products, and other essential goods.

b) Attendance at health centres, services and establishments.

c) Attendance at veterinary care centres for reasons of emergency.

d) Fulfilment of employment, professional, business, institutional or legal obligations.

e) Return to the usual place of residence after carrying out any of the activities set out in this section.

f) Assistance to and care of the elderly, children, dependants, people with disabilities, or particularly vulnerable people.

g) For reasons of force majeure or situations of need.

h) Any other activity of a similar nature, duly proven.

i) Refuelling at petrol stations or service stations, when this is required in order to carry out the activities set out in the previous paragraphs.

It is the competency of the Autonomous Communities to establish measures regarding the limitation of entry into and exit from the different Autonomous Communities.

Also, as you know, the presence of groups of people in both private and public spaces is conditional on not exceeding a maximum number of six people unless they live in the same house, without prejudice to the exceptions established in relation to premises, facilities and establishments open to the public.

Please be aware that dog walking is not included in this list. It is the responsibility of Grupo Control Security staff on Condado to challenge anyone who is found to be in a street or other public place during the times of the curfew to ensure that the rules are being complied with. A refusal to comply with a request from Security staff could result in the police being called.

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