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22 Nov 2020 - Alan Burge

Installation of the new CCTV system for Condado de Alhama started this month. The Security company Viriato have been selected to provide this new service which will see the installation of over 80 new cameras deployed around the complex.

Initially the work being carried out by Viriato is the civil works needed to support camera poles and underground ducts.

It is planned that cameras will begin to be operational in the 2nd quarter of next year.

The coverage of the CCTV system, as voted and approved by owners at the AGM in February 2020, will be to monitor and record the Gardens, roads and public/community areas of the community (excluding private dwellings and the pools)

Before the system is operational and to comply with data protection, owners who have a private numbered space in the Penthouses, Jardins and La Isla will be asked to notify admin where they do not give permission for their parking space to be monitored.


New CCTV poles are now being installed in garden areas.

Alan Burge

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