News: Golf course update from Fairway to Heaven (FTH)

Golf course update from Fairway to Heaven (FTH)
26 Apr 2021 - Bob Whitty

For those who are not aware of FTH, we started as a group of concerned owners & residents of Condado De Alhama (CDA) who feared for the future of the golf course. The current pandemic has cast an ever darker cloud over the course and it has led us to open discussions with the current owners to ascertain what their intentions are for the course and to also investigate their appetite for selling the course.

Our ‘investigation team’ is made up of golf industry professionals, financial/accountants and commercial acumen...all of whom are owners on CDA.

The short/medium term goal of the team is to investigate the viability of purchasing and operating the course as a more traditional ‘club’ owned by its shareholders/members.

The purpose of the survey is to gauge the level of support within the ownership for a potential purchase as well as the level of golf play. This directs into tow key components.

1. Firstly is there a sustainable business model for the course and club for the medium term.

2. Secondly if there is a sustainable business model, can we raise enough investment to complete a purchase.

So the information we get back will determine if the work the group is undertaking is futile or not.

The final point we would like to leave with residents, golfers and non golfers, is we are looking to protect our resort and our Individual property investments. If the golf course was to close or be used for an alternative use would significantly impact our property prices. So please take the time to fill in the survey and give consideration to all the wider impacting factors if the golf course was to close.

Thank you for taking time to read this, please complete the survey and please share the survey link far and wide,

Keep safe

FTH Team

Fairway to Heaven survey

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