15 Jun 2021 - Admiburgos

Dear owners,

With the arrival of the summer period and a greater influx of people into the Complex, we are again attaching the internal community rules. They are mandatory for everyone in the Community, therefore we need you to please help the Community by passing them on to your tenants, visitors or friends coming to your property in order to enjoy Condado de Alhama, as in many cases they are not aware that these rules exist. In order to be able to maintain harmonious coexistence, it is extremely important and necessary that everyone is aware of the Community rules.

If you witness any situation that breaks the law or the community rules, please inform security immediately by calling 968 32 80 63, or 7063 if you are calling from the landline in your property on Condado.

We would like to remind you that the whole inmho Admiburgos team remains at your entire disposal.

We would like to wish you an enjoyable summer.

Inmho Admiburgos

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