News: MUNICIPAL PARK (26-07-2021)

MUNICIPAL PARK (26-07-2021)
26 Jul 2021 - Neil Simpson

Efforts are being made by the Urban Entity of Condado de Alhama to open a section of the municipal park outside La Isla.

Due to defects, many areas of the park are still in a dangerous condition and for the safety of the general public these unsafe areas cannot be opened.

The Urban Entity will continue to work with the council to try and find a solution that will allow the whole park to be opened eventually.

Once we have the barriers in place to notify people of the closed off areas, we will complete the paperwork required by the council to allow sections to be opened where possible. With we hope will be in the next few days.

I hope the residents understand that the community cannot be responsible for the expenditure needed to make all the park safe and usable.

Some of the perimeter fences and the sports court have been vandalised. This area will be closed to the public.

Once today's storms have passed the park will be reassessed to ensure that there is no further damage.

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