24 Apr 2022 - Jorge Peña

The Fiesta Committee would like to remind you that in the last Annual General Meeting of the Urban Entity of Condado de Alhama it was approved to allocate 0.5% of the budget (approximately €6,500), to promote the organisation of fiesta activities that favor tourism , coexistence and socialisation between owners and visitors to Condado de Alhama.

For all these reasons, from the Fiesta Committee, we encourage you to participate with us in the organisation of such events.

You can be part of the committee, send us proposals or carry out a specific activity.

It would be advisable that:

- The associations, owners or residents in Condado lead the organisation of activities that could be carried out in the coming months (Sports activities, Food contests, Coexistence Picnics,...), and will need financial support.

- The companies and businesses of Condado will present activities to carry out in their premises and could be promoted and covered with the current budget.

- Organising companies will present proposals to develop the fiesta activities that could be covered by the current budget.

For all these reasons, if you want to organise an activity (e.g football championship), and you need financial help for the material, award ceremony, etc., contact the Fiesta Committee as soon as possible.

Jorge Peña

Chair of the Fiesta Committee

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