8 Jun 2022 - Admiburgos

The owner of the golf course GNK, have informed us that incidents of miss use and damage have been recorded on the golf course, which has resulted in damage that is difficult for them to repair, and which may even affect the planned opening date.

GNK has asked that owners and residents be informed that they should use the golf course correctly and refrain from walking, playing games, picnicking or walking dogs on the golf course, which is intended for golf use only. The aim is for them to be able to finish making the correct preparations and open it on the planned date, so that you can enjoy the golf course once it reopens which is planned to by mid June 2022.

The golf course is private property, but it is a very important asset for Condado de Alhama and all its residents, therefore we must all take care of it.

We would like to remind you that the whole inmho team remains at your entire disposal.

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