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AGM 2023
17 Feb 2023 - Alan Burge

It was agreed by all those present at the board meeting of 17th September 2022 that the next Annual General Meeting should be held on the weekend of 17th, 18th and 19th February 2023 with each area being allocated one of the 6 slots below:

1. 17th February 12:30 Mirador del Condado

2. 17th February 16:30 La Isla

3. 18th February 10:00 Jardines 2

4. 18th February 15:00 Naranjos 1

5. 19th February 10:00 Naranjos 2

6. 19th February 15:00 Jardines 1

15th November 2022 was established as the deadline for receiving proposals from owners for the AGM. These must be complete; in other words, they must be accompanied by an explanatory report, and if they have a cost, they must include a quote. In other words they should be a fully costed and considered proposal and not just an idea that the president or admin then need to work up.

The AGM packs will be finalised early in the new year and sent out to owners as soon as possible, meaning that everything must be resolved by 16th December 2022, and the Agenda closed in each of the communities.

More information will follow shorty as we establish more details about the AGMs and location this year.

As is previous years, once the AGM packs are issued, owners will have an opportunity to raise questions and receive replies in advance of the actual AGM. For those not present on Condado in February and wishing to raise a proxy (vote) for the items raised, we will again be facilitating this though the community website. You will need a valid login to the website to use this facility so please ensure you are able to log on in as soon as possible.

The AGMs will be streamed via MsTEAMS in Spanish and English.

Alan Burge - Level1 President

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