News: ​AlKazar Issues 2023

31 Jul 2023 - Alan Burge


The Alkazar continues to be a serious health hazard to the residents of Condado de Alhama. To date we have had no response to the Burofaxes sent to Sareb & Mileniun dated 4 April, 25 May and 23 June.

At the last EGM we confirmed we would start legal action and without any response we will now procced to start that legal action against SAREB and other supposedly managing the AlKazar.

We have also recently also sent a Burofax to the owner of Aqua bar at the AlKazar where many incidents occur and the bar continues to drive vehicles onto the square, block the entrance and leave significant rubbish on view. To date there is no response.

Photos of the poor condition of Aqua bar at 5pm the next day for all too see...

Temporary solar lighting has been installed at the AlKazar by the community and the following businesses have contributed to easing the situation:

Sparkle – 2 fixed LED lights on timer until 3am

Condado Invest – assisted with the clear up of the AlKazar

The Clover – 2 fixed LED light that remain on until after 5am

Paco Molina – 1 LED solar light

Bokao – 5 LED solar lights

Quality homes – made contact with utility supplier about disconnection of power

STV – provided and planted 40 flowers around the AlKazar


In June the board of presidents agreed to start legal action against SAREB (the owners of the Alkazar).

For the past 4 weeks there has been no Al Kazar community lighting, the tiled areas have not been cleaned in months and there are many H&S hazards in this area.

The AlKazar maintenance is the responsibility of the owners SAREB and not the community of owners, but it is us as a community that use and benefit from the AlKazar.

In June we met with the tenants on the AlKazar to work out what if anything we would do to help, and we have encouraged them to install as much external lighting from their businesses as possible and clean their own areas. To date by the Clover and Sparkle are providing lighting until around 3am in the morning which is now lighting the bottom end of the AlKazar. The entrance opposite Spar and the carpark still remains in darkness. For this reason, at the fact we are into summer now, we have decided to install solar lighting at this entrance as a temporary measure, with the lights being used in the community areas after this issue is hopefully resolved.

We have also arranged for the cleaners from La Isla and the Naranjos Penthouses to clean the tiled areas, mainly the communal areas this coming Saturday morning with the floor cleaning machines that we as a community own.

We have approached the local companies to see of there is any assistance they can also provide and to date STV have donated 50 flowers which can be planted around the Al Kazar, but we will need more help!!

We are asking if any owners/residents or local businesses if they can spend a few hours this coming Saturday morning to help tidy the Al KAzar along with many presidents that will also assist. The plan is to be at the Al Kazar this coming Saturday at 7:30-8am for a few hours.

May 2023

The condition of the AlKazar is poor and as a community we are trying to work to resolve these issues, but we must inform you that SAREB the owners and Millenium the management company appointed to manage the Al-Kazar are ignoring our serious warnings about the condition and risks. We have issued Burofaxes to both, escalated this to the council – and considering action that can be taken with our community lawyer.

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