News: ​Community Lake at La Isla

​Community Lake at La Isla
23 Apr 2023 - Neil Simpson

La Isla in the summer last year encountered sever problems with the Rantelles this caused a lot of problems for the residents to the point that ay times it was impossible to be out on their terraces.

The problem comes from the lake and the infestation can spread. If the same problems transfer to the lakes on the golf course, then the rest of the resort could suffer the same problems. As this problem only occurs mainly in the dark hours the golf owners would not have the inclination to spend large amounts fixing the problem.

Jesus from INMHO has spent a lot of time and effort in speaking with experts and researching the problem as the silicone caps that were used last year did not work. The problem now is that the recent warmer weather conditions have meant that the Rantelles are now appearing sooner and we needed to take urgent action to stop the problems of last year and also stop them spreading to the golf course lakes.

At an emergency meeting the solutions attached were discuss and it was agreed that without immediate action the problem would soon be out of control. As this could not be authorised without having a full Urban Entity meeting to authorise this expenditure and also that the Urban Entity is not a suitable financial position as a result of the debtors it would have been difficult to implement and find the funding for these projects. The President of La Isla with the support of his presidents has agreed to initially fund the project so it could be started immediately. The board of the entity will discuss the situation at the next meeting and solutions will hopefully be reached on how the entity can reimbursed La Isla (approx. 20.000euros).

I stress that nothing is guaranteed to work but it was felt the the situation was so bad that emergency action had to be taken. Another option that we will need to discuss is to introduce a type of fish that eats the lava and could also help with the problem. More study is needed into this but we do know that they would need to be introduced in the cooler months and also we would have to ensure that the Herons do not eat them. This will be studied further and once the project is completed it will be present to the board.

The only other solution would be to empty the lake completely clean and remove all lava then refill the lake, this as you can imagine is well beyond the finances of the entity that is the reason that we are trying the other solutions first.

I hope that everything is clear and everyone understands the amount of effort that has gone into reaching these conclusions.


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