News: ​Rabbits on the golf course

​Rabbits on the golf course
23 Apr 2023 - Neil Simpson

The owners of the golf course have a program now in place to reduce the amount of damage from the golf course caused by rabbits.

The program is to catch and release the rabbits in other areas away from Condado that are more suitable. No rabbits are killed as the law now does not permit this.

The community and the golf course owners are aware that some residents are entering the course are releasing rabbits from the traps and damaging the traps.

We would remind owners that the golf course is private land has now a rope fence around it that indicate this. It is against the law to trespass on this land the the golf owners said they are prepared to take action against people who continue to trespass on the land.

We would also remind owner that they are NOT allowed to exercise their dogs on the golf course, This area is paramount to the success of Condado and I urge all to respect the golf course and the land.

We would also urge owners to communicate to their children that they are not permitted on the course at any time and again the owners are prepared to take action against anyone who trespasses and cause vandalism to the golf course.

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