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Pets Campaign
25 Apr 2023 - inmho

Do you have a Pet on Condado?

During the week commencing Monday 1 May, the Pets Committee on Condado is holding a week long campaign to raise awareness of the legal requirements and responsibilities of owning a pet in Spain, including when living on or visiting Condado.

The Pets Committee works with the Board of Presidents and the administrators to ensure that the rules of pet ownership on Condado are clearly defined and readily available to pet owners and others. They seek to raise awareness about the legal requirements about owning a pet and to support security and administration in ensuring that the laws and community rules are adhered to. They also aim to reduce the number of abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs on Condado.

During the campaign, there will be a number of informative posts on all the usual Facebook groups highlighting all aspects of pet ownership. Members of the committee will be stopping and speaking to pet owners and handing out information leaflets, as will security staff. Anyone who registers their cat or dog with administration during May will receive a pet-related gift, provided by the Pets Committee.

On Thursday 4 May there will be an awareness and fundraising event at the Condado Club where you will be able to listen to the Ukelele Sunshine Band play and find out more about this campaign.

If you would like more information about owning a pet on Condado you can click here, and if you are interested in the work of the Pets Committee you can contact them at

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