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17 May 2023 - inmho

Questionnaire Municipal Elections 2023

Alhama de Murcia



As many times the electoral programs are full of literature and good intentions, the residents of Condado de Alhama would like you to specify something more in your analysis and proposals for Condado de Alhama. Therefore, we request that you fill in these fields specifically.

1. URBANISM. We will collaborate with the Condado de Alhama Urban Planning Entity and Association of Neighbors and Owners, to provide solutions to the problems generated by the promoter, leaving the provision of essential services unfinished.

2. EDUCATION. In support of the requests that the residents of Condado de Alhama have been demanding, we will consider the creation of a nursery in this urbanisation.

3. YOUTHS. We will address the creation of workshops, activities and outdoor games for children, so that they are carried out more frequently throughout the year in our town, neighbourhoods and urbanisations.

4. TRANSPORT. We have specified the issue of transport in two different proposals within our programme. The first one refers to working from the Town Council to promote quality public transport from the peri-urban areas of Alhama including districts and Condado, focusing especially on students to avoid their isolation. The second focuses on discounts on tickets to facilitate transport, especially for those people who are in a more vulnerable situation and require it, for example, in health care.

5. HEALTH SERVICE. At the municipal level, although the Town Council can only complain to the Autonomous Community about the need for a new health centre, or that the existing one should open with longer opening hours to avoid collapse, any initiative dedicated to the provision of health services to the neighbours should be promoted. In the Condado, unequivocal support for the Pharmacy initiative, with all possible facilities and a study of the incidence of chronic diseases and paediatrics, is a fundamental pillar. For the elderly who require it, in turn, we want to implement initiatives throughout the municipality of assistants to facilitate procedures and an intervention programme for single people. Finally, our request to the Autonomous Community for the health centre to open with fuller opening hours, mainly in the afternoons, as has been the case in the past, would make it much easier for those who have to travel by car, for example from the Condado, to do so with more flexibility in terms of working hours, especially when elderly people or those with reduced mobility need to be transported.

Do you wish to add anything else?

In Izquierda Unida we are aware of the lack of concrete measures that are often proposed for the peri-urban areas of Alhama, as well as its districts and Condado itself. Within these, moreover, the Condado has particular needs that are different from those of the districts, and often remains in no man's land. Health and transport issues often do not depend directly on the Town Council, but on the Autonomous Community, however, this cannot be used as an excuse to leave the needs of the population centres outside Alhama unattended. Everything that the Town Council can do from its functions, such as facilitating the pharmacy service or providing all possible aid for transport, must be put into practice. Other issues, such as roads, sadly represent the reality for many Alhameños/as, especially in the countryside and in areas such as the Condado and the districts. In this way, as far as possible, we want the necessary repairs to asphalt and other facilities such as lighting to be a priority. For this reason, a municipal plan will be established that takes into account both the centre of Alhama and the more outer areas. Finally, it is very important for us to revitalise life in the village in terms of leisure and culture, both in the centre of the village and in the outskirts. That's why any initiative, such as the café in the park, aimed at getting residents to go out and enjoy their free time, has our support. In order to demonstrate our will and to make sure that it is not just empty words, we do not want to be a barrier to these measures, but we will support them with the support of the Town Council. In this way, services such as restaurants and other leisure and cultural initiatives will be favoured.

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